Kim Ziessler | Mother of the Bride

I want to personally thank you for the time and effort you put into the wedding for Megan and John. I know it is your job but you were not only professional but you were calm and patient even when the rest of us were not. You did a great job with all of us girls on Friday for the Bridal Party day. From coming up with plan B for the breakfast to taking Jessica in the car when she could not ride on the bus. You did a great job of being right there when we needed anything but yet never being seen. And once again you kept everything together and flowing at the rehearsal dinner.

I don't think that Amy could have a better assistant than you. Once again on Saturday for the wedding you kept calm and patient and sweet even when I started to panic over the cake cutting or the table sinking and I'm sure many other things that were happening. You personally helped to create the dream wedding for Megan and John.

You went beyond your duties to help John with all the items at the Ranch on Sunday morning. I really appreciate that and it was a huge help to all of us.