Judy Ann Eichenbaum | Mother of the Bride

How can we ever thank you enough?! We are so fortunate that you agreed to take us on. Heaven knows what we would have done without you, as a matter of fact, I don't even want to think about it. Until someone sees for himself or herself what a wedding coordinator does, one can't possibly image the work and details involved- it's amazing. Once again, thank you for putting up with my barrage of questions, etc. and for maintaining patience And professionalism all the while! If I had to deal with the many details on Sunday that were necessary, I would have gone crazy and certainly would not have been able to enjoy that special day. I should certainly feel a great sense of accomplishment for everything went beautifully- even better than anticipated. Take good care and continue to be Austin's ##1 wedding coordinator. You are with us! Many thanks with fondness and appreciation,